A solid foundation

Cross channel communication
Using multiple channels for better results

You may have an important message to deliver, but it won’t generate the response you want if it never reaches your customer or prospect. Today more people are using an array of communication channels — email, mobile, landline, and text messaging (SMS). If you rely on only one, you may not be reaching your whole audience. You might be missing a huge portion of your target group completely.

Cross channel vs. multi channel
Cross-channel is the practice of blending multiple channels of communication (voice, email, SMS) to reach your audience and provide them with multiple options to take action.
Unlike a simple parallel or progressive multi-channel strategy, where messages are blindly sent to the same contact, intelligent cross-channel messaging involves sending unique messages through targeted channels independently or in conjunction with each other based on your customers’ unique preferences and past behavior. This strategy greatly improves response rates.

Voxxcome Cross Channel Communication Approach gives you the following:

  • Integration across all channels: Cross-channel seamlessly integrates across multiple channels, providing the flexibility to deliver the most effective treatment for each individual.
  • Full customer response options: Customers and employees can easily select options to interact, such as transfer to a contact center, retrieve a message, or request an email confirmation.
  • Ability for customers to self-cure: Cross-channel provides convenient options to self-cure without having to transfer to an agent.
  • For example, an appointment reminder may offer several options to cancel or re-schedule: Directly within the call, transfer to online calendar, or register for immediate call-back. This can be accessed from a voice call, an email link, or text message.

Integrating channels for better outcomes
An intelligent cross-channel strategy lets you send unique messages through targeted channels. Consider this example of a flight cancellation:
When a passenger’s flight gets cancelled, Voxxcom sends an urgent voice message. If unanswered, a text message is then sent. Through a simple click, or by calling the provided number, the passenger can access their notification through Message Retrieval, where they can re-book their flight or select other options. The passenger can also choose to have an email or text of their updated itinerary sent to themselves — all without agent intervention.

Reaching the right person for better response
Customers and employees take action quickly and more frequently when you contact them over the channel they most prefer. Voxxcom leverages the strengths of voice, email and text messaging, to get better results through one communication, improving results and reducing the overload of communication (“communication fatigue”) your customers routinely experience.