Smartphone Integration

The App world on smartphones is here to stay
Voxxcom engages with mobile consumers "at the glass" through personalized, timely, contextual, and relevant interactions on their preferred channel. WebVoiceCast replaces siloed communications with automated integrated, personalized cross-channel interactions across email, text, voice, and smartphone push notifications at a reduced cost – in essence, making the smartphone smarter and driving greater value from your mobile engagements.

Wake up your customer interaction strategy by creating a stronger, more profitable relationship between you and your customer through the fastest-growing communications platform – mobile.

The Features:

  • Drive smartphone app adoption. Smartphone push notifications and Voxxcom hosted Interact web apps added to your existing app make it more relevant and convenient for your customers.
  • Improve customer service. Deliver personalized, timely interactions via smartphone push notifications, business process specific web apps, email or text messaging.
  • Streamline operations. Reach more customers on the most cost-effective channel and guides them toward self-service.
  • Improve interaction rates. Proactively pushing relevant information to customers at the right time over the right channel to improve brand loyalty.
  • Obtain SMS Consent. Ensure regulatory compliance and make texting consent opt-in easy.
  • Simplify integration. The Voxxcom API is capable of making phone calls, sending text messages, emails and smartphone app push notifications.
  • Maximize reach. Interact globally on all smartphone channels: text messages, email, voice calls, and push notifications inside of your smartphone app.