Flight Crew Management

On time arrival

In the airline industry, there is no such thing as a small disruption. Events in one region can wreak havoc on the operations of an airline anywhere it flies. Disruptions require rapid interaction with flight crews, maintenance teams, and support staff in order to stay on time and at the top of customer satisfaction ratings.

"Voxxcom helps us assign flights faster and easier. The solution has nearly eliminated the need for repetitive, laborious calls to pilots which frees up scheduling staff to focus on operations and improve our productivity."

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Dynamically organizes flight crews in response to open flights and cancellations.
  • Automatically informs flight teams of changes in schedules, equipment, and crew availability.
  • Leverages mobile channels for faster message delivery and response.
  • Less time organizing crews means more time for revenue generation.


High Adoption
70% opt-in within
first year

Less Open Time
Quickly matches available
crews with available shifts

Improved Productivity
Eliminates manual calling,
freeing up personnel