Account Activation and Status

Transform your welcome mat into a red carpet

Service excellence and contact center efficiency are often at odds. Welcoming new customers with important service plan details and explaining how to use key features improves engagement, satisfaction and retention. But on-boarding customers through welcome packets or agent outreach can be cost prohibitive; doing nothing can lead to poor experience and "bill shock" when the first statement arrives.

“Voxxcom allowed us to consistently perform for our customers and at the same time provided a huge cost savings over what it would cost to do manually."

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Proactively reaches at-risk customers to reduce churn risk.
  • Informs customers of plan features and provides easy access to account status.
  • Cross-channel communication is convenient and customer-centric.


Streamline Service
Reduce call handle and
hold times by 70%

Generate Revenue
Promote data plans and
value-add services

Combat Bill Shock
Clarify pricing plans,
features and policies