No more waiting for the big payoff

Many companies spend years trying to improve internal collections processes. Dialers and broadcast messages are impersonal and ineffective. Agents are expensive. More customers are moving to smartphone and digital channels, making voice outreach alone less effective. There is a better way.

"The results were so overwhelmingly positive that we're expanding our use of the Voxxcom solution into other areas of our business, including customer retention and service areas.”

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Effective treating early, mid and late-stage collections, recovering more revenue.
  • Personalized interaction gets better results, bringing more accounts current.
  • Automating the process frees up agents to handle higher risk accounts.


Collect More
Improve customer
satisfaction ratings

Improve Efficiency
Double the Euro amount
collected per attempt

Get Results
Average 15% lift in
payments monthly