Customer Loyalty

Timing is everything

Winning in the competitive landscape of telecom, wireless and broadband, customer retention and loyalty are paramount. Ongoing interaction with your customers is becoming table stakes. But how do you engage in a meaningful way that is also cost effective?

“Voxxcom helped us build efficiency and effectiveness into our win back campaign. Now we have a lot more control over the process and achieved significant results immediately."

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Engages with customers through more channels: text, voice, email, smartphone.
  • Integrates with contact center or website for faster, more accurate service.
  • Enables billions of customer responses to be captured and analyzed.
  • Real-time access to customer feedback and reports uncovers issues quickly.


Better Service
Improves customer
satisfaction ratings

Less Churn
Increase retention rates
by 15% or more

More Efficiency
Reduce call handle and
hold times by 50-70%