Critical layer of security

Voxxcom’s authentication solution protect’s account access and prevents fraudulent transactions by leveraging the phone as an authentication device.

Stronger Security

Voxxcom’s double authentication enables companies to maintain higher security without increasing complexity or costs associated with traditional methods of authentication.

Lower Cost of Operation

Continually evolving security threats require companies to adopt a layered approach to fraud prevention, resulting in a high cost of integration, ongoing administration, provisioning, and user support. Instead of provisioning hardware or maintaining software, companies can decrease security threats by leveraging a technology that is already part of every user’s life: the telephone.

Better User Experience

No set-up or additional hardware or software
No training required

User enters phone number on website and clicks ‘submit’ User receives verification code on cellphone or land line User signs in by entering verification code into website


How it Works – online fraud

User logs in with their username and password
Voxxcom immediately sends an automated voice call or SMS to the phone number on record with a one-time PIN code
User enters this one-time PIN code onto the website
User is authenticated