Past due for change?

In Collections, timing is everything. Companies who are “first in line” to reach customers early and make payment options easy collect more. The more customers you’re able to contact, the greater your returns. It’s that simple.

“We cut our delinquency rate in half, lowered overtime expenses and haven’t had to hire new agents in more than a year—all while our collections portfolios have grown.”

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Contacts customers with bill and payment reminders, improving pay rates.
  • Brings accounts current by offering more self-service and channel options.
  • Adapts message to delinquency stage to improve response rates.
  • Automates routine outreach, keeping agents focused on high-value calls.
  • Augment your automated interactions for late-stage collections or high touch customers who need or prefer that direct to agent connection.


Collect More
60% cure rate

Save Money
80% cost reduction
over using agents

Retain Revenue
50% fewer
delinquent account