Put your customers on high alert

Top card issuers lose as much as Eur2.1 billion annually in Europe to first-party credit card fraud. Studies show that engaging customers more directly in fraud management significantly reduces this risk. Text alerts sent to customers on their mobile phone has shown to be the most convenient and effective channel to alert customers of account activity and get them to take action before fraud happens.

“Trimming even a day or two off our low risk group average can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars saved in write-offs. It adds up quickly.”

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Real-time interaction catches fraud threats early, decreasing write-offs.
  • Treat low- and medium-level fraud risks at a lower cost than using agents.
  • Provides customers with immediate options to verify or resolve issues.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the issuer’s fraud scores and data systems.


Minimize Loss
Cut fraude run in half,
recouping Eur millions

Improve Efficiency
Treat 75% of all accounts
without involving an agent

Reduce Risk
Cross channel interaction
speeds verification