Incident Communication

Because life is 24/7

When an emergency or unplanned event happens, it’s important to communicate critical information to employees quickly and reliably. Even with an active business continuity plan in place, it can still be difficult to assure timely delivery or be certain the communication was received and responded to by everyone affected.

"Using phone trees, it took hours to reach our employees — time we don’t have in a crisis. We are now working with Voxxcom to account for each and every one of our employees during future emergencies, regardless of where and when they might occur."

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Multi-channel interactions are delivered and heard within minutes rather than hours.
  • Lower cost and higher accuracy than manual calling trees or broadcast voicemails.
  • Immediate, two-way cross-channel interactions protect physical and human assets.
  • Enables employees to respond and report back status in real time.



Fast Delivery
vs. hours


Accurate, timely


Secure & Reliable
Sensitive data