Peace of mind, that's our policy

Insurance brands are built on trust. So why risk alienating policyholders with poor customer service? Assigning agents to contact customer regarding renewals has that personal touch, but it’s not practical. Predictive dialers are impersonal and inefficient. Automating the process with Voxxcom’s personal communications delivers on service and protects your brand.

"Voxxcom made it possible for us to interact with more policyholders and increase customer loyalty and retention without incurring the cost of dedicating agents or the efforts of minute-to-minute management.”

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Delivers personalized interactions to policyholders using profile preferences.
  • Convenient policy renewal and payment options increase retention rates.
  • Timely interaction speeds up the claims process, improving adjuster productivity.
  • Automatically enroll policyholders in incentive programs.


Boost Retention
Increases policy renewals
by 10%

Grow the bottom line
Eur 10 in revenue earned
on every Eur 1 spent

Improve Productivity
Automated claims updates deflect
15% of inbound calls to adjusters