Loss Mitigation

Hey, it's not my (de)fault

Loss mitigation is rarely a one-and-done conversation. The process can be complex and communications between servicer and borrower can take weeks or even months of back-and-forth to assess qualification, request documentation, and outline options. Voxxcom helps streamline this process by gathering key information and keeping the borrower informed of their status, catching many early defaults before they progress to foreclosure.

“Customers can respond that they’ve either made a payment or will be doing so in the next few days. We’ve found that when they commit this way, they tend to follow through.”

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Contact borrowers earlier in the process and provide options to self-cure, reducing defaults and increasing timely payment rates.
  • Deflects inbound calls by 10% or more, reserving agents for high-risk accounts.
  • Meets production goals at a lower cost per loan.


Extend Reach
Contact 65% more
borrowers vs. using agents

Improve Interaction
Increase borrower
engagement by 40%

Loss Mitigation
Reduce first payment
defaults by 60%