Close the deal on borrower interaction

Did you know that 78% of buyers close with the company that contacts them first? And, contacting potential borrowers within 5 minutes of completing an online application or loan inquiry results in 5 times' higher conversation rates. Voxxcom interacts with customers during the loan origination and approval process in real-time and over multiple channels—reaching them in a fraction of the time and cost of direct mail, contact centers agents or IVRs, ensuring you get to the customer before your competition.

"My challenge was to find a compelling reason for customers to do business with me as opposed to my competitor. One of those compelling reasons is optimizing my multi channel Customer Communication Management.”

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Initiate welcome calls to new customers, cutting down on first payment defaults.
  • Provide status notifications on loans and escrow, reducing inbound call volume.
  • Frees up loan specialists to speak with borrowers who need high-level servicing.
  • Automates the application and loan status process, shortening time to close.


Saves Money
Reduces agent resources
by 15%

Speeds Up Response
Cuts web lead follow up
time to under 5 minutes

Streamlines Process
Deflects 15% of inbound
loan status inquiry calls