Avoid Sticker Stock

Companies that reach out to customers early and make payment options convenient collect more. It's that simple. But the mark-up on dedicated collections staff can drastically affect your bottom line. With Voxxcom, we automate more of the payment and collections process at a lower cost and help you collect more for less.

"With Voxxcom, we doubled our collections results. This ROI exceeded even our most aggressive goals."

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Automates basic customer service functions like past-due status, payment reminders, auto-pay, and promise to pay.
  • More channels improve contact rates, pay rates and timeliness of response.
  • Keeps call volume and costs manageable.
  • Increases collections rates on past due accounts.


Collect More
Handle 70% of calls
with self service

Optimize Call Center
Keep inbound transfers
to 30% of call volume

Save Money
Save 80% over the cost
of live agents