Customer Engagement

Redefining "Personal Shopper"

In the competitive retail landscape, it can be hard to capture your customers' attention through all the marketing clutter. Research shows that customers are more likely to remember and return to retail establishments that exceed their expectations. Interacting with the customer at every stage in the purchase cycle is a smart way to enhance the buying experience and drive loyalty. The key is to make it personal and convenient. The challenge is scaling this interaction without eroding your profit margin.

"Customer service can make or break an organization, and effective communication is key."

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Shifts basic customer services functions like order status, delivery notification and payments to proactive automated interactions.
  • Reduces inbound call volume, freeing up agent resources.
  • Customers interact on the channel of their choice and take action immediately.
  • Better customer experience improves loyalty and contact center KPIs.


Added Capacity
3x outreach
vs agents

Faster Response
85% of customers reached
in 15 minutes

Better Service
40% less inbound
call volume