Order & Delivery Status

Buyers Beware

Retailers receive millions of incoming calls each year from customers wanting to know when their orders or deliveries will arrive. Using Voxxcom to proactively reach customers before they call creates a better customer experience and helps divert traffic from the contact center so your CSRs can focus on revenue and the tough customer service cases.

"Voxxcom helped us deliver better customer satisfaction, meet our delivery commitments and reduce costs in the business. If you can get all three of those things, that's a home run."

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Interact with customers on more channels for faster status updates.
  • Personalized for each customer and account.
  • More self-service options expedite action.
  • Keeps inbound and outbound contact center traffic to a minimum.


Improve Reach
33% more customers

Avoid Delays
Meet regulations for
delivery status notification

Built Loyalty
Increase customer satisfaction
& repeat business