Avoid disconnect

The high cost of collecting payments weighs on the bottom line. Disconnections are expensive and open up regulatory scrutiny. Reaching out to customers earlier in the process and offering options to self-cure can improve pay rates and customer satisfaction, driving up revenue and driving down contact center costs.

"With Voxxcom, we're able to reach out to more customers, increase payment rates and better utilize our agent resources, with the added benefit of reducing operational costs."

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Self-service improves payment lift, reduces inbound calls and disconnections.
  • 45- 60% lower cost per contact than mail, field visits, and agents.
  • Reduces DSO and cost to collect.
  • Recover more revenue by engaging with customers earlier in the billing cycle.


Recoup Revenue
Reduce account write-offs
by 39%

Increased ROI
7% fewer

Better Service
19% increase
in payments