Customer Engagement

Turn your customers on to a better experience

Ineffective customer interactions will stop great service in its tracks. Lack of personalization, inconsistent communication and the inability to inform all customers of service changes leads to low satisfaction ratings and a disorganized mess. Voxxcom’s proactive customer interaction management solutions reach large volumes of customer quickly and affordably, making it easier to activate service, enroll customers in energy programs and keep them apprised of changes or disruptions in service.

"Ensuring all our customers are informed on changes to their individual service is critical. With Voxxcom, we can now communicate with an unlimited volume of customers efficiently and cost-effectively."

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Captures customer preferences including channel choice, best time to contact.
  • Keep customer better informed of service activations, energy efficiency programs, outages and payment reminders.
  • Less expensive than using agents; minimal impact on internal IT resources.
  • Tracks and verify notifications, responses, updates and preferences.


Faster Response
Reaches customers
in minutes vs hours

Increased ROI
50% more service

Better Service
Improves customer
satisfaction ratings