Demand Response

Take a load off

As peak usage periods drain the energy load, utilities need an effective means to inform and engage customers in curtailment programs. When demand response programs don't work as planned, utilities are burdened by a perception of poor service, especially when they don't communicate disruptions properly and in a timely manner.

"When demand for electricity is about to exceed supply, it is imperative we communicate with our customers fast.  Voxxcom’s ability to reliably deliver thousands of communications instantly and simultaneously is key."

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Contact customers immediately regarding usage and conservation programs.
  • Complete audit trail ensures regulatory compliance.
  • Allows customers to dictate how, when and where they receive communications.
  • Generates greater customer satisfaction and better energy management.


Save Money
Reduces contact costs
from Eur 3.50 to Eur 0.30

Increase Efficiency
Treat 25% more accounts

Ensure Compliance
19% increase
in payments