Incident Communication

Because life is 24/7

Utilities face a myriad of business challenges during events, both planned and unplanned. Thorough and effective communication in notifying all affected parties is top priority, but relying on manual outreach efforts is inefficient, slowing down the recovery process and costing valuable time.  Voxxcom’s timely, proactive and cost-effective interactions keep employees and enterprise informed, mobilized and empowered to action.

"With Voxxcom, we've been able to cut the time it takes to get notifications out from hours to under 15 minutes, and we have a single, integrated system."

How Voxxcom solves the problem
  • Reach all employee and customers within minutes versus hours or days.
  • Cross-channel (text, voice, email, smartphone) increases reach and response.
  • Segment based on virtually any criteria including geographic location.


Seamless Process
Open API for
easy integration

Secure and Reliable
99.9% network reliability
and priority SLA

Rapid Recovery
Accurate and timely
status reporting