Outbound Calls

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls are extremely effective in sending automated mass personalised outbound notifications to large groups of debtors, passengers or customers. The first step is composing the message you want to deliver. Next, the message will be recorded in a sound studio with a professional voiceover. Then the message is sent to the customer through the channel of choice either directly as a 'live call', or as a link within an sms, email or App. Voxxcom's WebVoiceCast technology learns from every customer contact, registering and learning from each customers preferred channel of communication and selecting this channel automatically in future outgoing communication.
The outbound notifications will be personalised using variables like customer name, appointment date, flight number, amount payable, invoice number, license plate number or appointment location. The use of customer segmentation strategies allows the messages to be customised according to the relevant customer group.

Simple one way message

A simple one way message refers to communication with customers whereby the message is not personalised using variables. This is used simply to notify a customer about a specific event or transaction.

Interactive message

An interactive message employs customer interaction during the conversation whereby a customer can confirm or cancel appointments, choose to take certain actions, be connected to a customer service representative or answer questions by selecting the corresponding number.


The results of the outbound notification campaign are reported back on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. These results can be implemented in CRM software or credit management software.