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 Process  Description  Benefits

Company CRM delivers relevant information to Voxxcom via API

Voxxcom does not need to enter or integrate in any way with companies CRM systems
 2 Voxxcom’s WebVoiceCast technology creates a sound file (s) from the delivered information that is personalised to each customer Recordings are produced in a professional studio ensuring high quality messages are delivered to the message recipient
 3 The company determines through which channel(s) to deliver the recorded message to its customers (sms, email,  app or direct as a ‘live’ call). The voice message (Direct Callback) is activated by clicking on a link in the email, sms or app Message can be sent in a phased approach depending on reaction ie start with email, if no reaction, sms etc. Message is delivered/accepted on channel of choice
 4 The WebVoiceCast technology learns from experience which channel of communication is preferred by an individual or target group and can select preference automatically Positive customer experience through personal and effective approach
 5 The voice message contains relevant information for the recipient AND provides interaction features that provides valuable real time information back to the company Real time feedback allows a company to make important decisions faster and more effectively to provide a more efficient and effective service
 6 Detailed feedback statistics and report is delivered within seconds back to the company’s CRM system via an API Company can immediately quantify the response and reaction and measure against other communication channels